Two arrested in armed robbery of cellphone in El Cerrito

EL CERRITO (BCN) — Police arrested two Antioch residents Saturday on suspicion of robbing a person of her cellphone earlier this month in El Cerrito, police said.

At 6:09 p.m. Jan. 22 the victim was walking south on a BART path when one of the suspects approached her. The suspect stole her cellphone as he brandished a gun and threatened to shoot her, according to police.

People at a business who bought the cellphone gave police information about a female suspect who sold the cellphone to the business and the male suspect who was with her.

The male suspect was similar in appearance to the description police received from the victim, police said.

An Antioch SWAT team assisted El Cerrito police Saturday in serving a search warrant at 11 a.m. in the 2900 block of Larkspur Drive in Antioch.

Antioch police originally said officers detained five people, but El Cerrito police have clarified that seven people were detained, according to police.

All seven cooperated with officers. El Cerrito police interviewed all seven and arrested two.

Officers arrested 20-year-old Antioch woman Kalani Thomas-Spikes on suspicion of possessing stolen property, conspiracy and robbery, police said.

Officers also arrested 26-year-old Antioch man Jemani Nash on suspicion of robbery, conspiracy and on an outstanding warrant for an unrelated robbery in Alameda County.

Police are investigating whether the suspects were involved in similar offenses.

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