Unattended candle leads to fire at Belmont condo complex

Credit: Belmont police

BELMONT (KRON) — An unattended candle left burning too close to the drapes led to a fire at a Belmont condo complex that left other residents stranded on their balconies Wednesday morning, according to fire officials.

The fire happened at 400 Davey Glen Road at around 9:22 a.m., the fire department said.

The sole resident of the apartment saw the fire start and tried to extinguish it, but it grew too quickly and quickly engulfed the entire unit.

When firefighters arrived they found numerous people on balconies of the 6-story building needing rescue. Firefighters and police assisted people evacuating and two people needed medical assistance, according to the fire department.

No serious injuries were reported.

It took about 30 minutes for firefighters to get the fire out.

Only the resident of the one apartment was displaced. Damage to the building was estimated at $450,000, fire officials said.

A total of 60 firefighters responded to the fire, and the Belmont Fire Department received assistance from San Mateo, Central County, Foster City, Redwood City, Menlo Park, and San Mateo County fire departments.

Bay City News contributed to this report


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