Video: CHP pursuit across Bay Bridge recorded on motorcycle camera


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) —¬†Video shows a high-speed CHP pursuit across the Bay Bridge, as it ended with the suspect crashing his vehicle and running away.

The incident was recorded on a camera mounted on a motorcycle, following the action all the way. At one point, the motorcyclist gets into the action himself.

The video shows a car speeding by on the left shoulder, two laws being broken right there. Then, you notice a CHP motorcycle officer on his tail.

“I could clearly see the civic was trying to get away from the officer,” Solomon Wu said.

The high speed pursuit unfolded right in front of Wu last month while he was heading to work. He just so happened to be video recording his ride with a camera mounted on his handle bars.

“He would get close behind other vehicles,” Wu said. “He would go between other vehicles in spaces. I as a motorcycle, probably would not have gone. He hit a box van, I believe a semi truck, and spun out there. I was able to see the cop drop his motorcycle and take off running, and I saw the guy get out of his car and start running too.”

The suspect got out of the car, with the motor still running, and the car still moving.

“You always question what are you going to do when the scenario comes. Are you going to play the hero or…sit back and let somebody else do it? So, in this case, I chose the former,” Wu said.

He stopped the car and got it safely over to the shoulder. CHP officials said this started as a toll evasion pursuit.

After catching the suspect, they later learned that he was driving a stolen vehicle. Thirty-one-year-old Robert Duckett of Oakland was arrested for felony evading, resisting arrest, driving on a suspended license, and hit-and-run.

This was a lot of excitement for a 25-year-old IT specialist just trying to get to work”i was really impressed to see the guy drop his motor cycle, he was on a mission to catch the guy”

“I was impressed to see the guy drop his motorcycle, he really was on a mission to catch the guy,” Wu said.

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