Video: San Francisco neighbors still concerned about demolished home that was sliding down hillside


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Almost a week after a San Francisco home had to be demolished after sliding down a hillside, neighbors in the area are still left with a lot of questions.

Mayor Ed Lee spent about a half-hour on Casitas Avenue, and now neighbors are asking the question, “How did this happen, and what’s being done about it?”

Even one week after the home was demolished, Steven Ader said he is still concerned. He lives next door to this house that was demolished after it started sliding down the hill.

Ader said he is worried, despite the fact engineers said his house is in no immediate danger. On Wednesday. neighbors said Lee and other city officials spoke to them and toured the damage.

On Saturday, city crews found and repaired an 8-inch water main from 1928. It was about four houses down from the now-demolished home.

Crews used a giant drill Wednesday to dig a well that will serve two purposes. One is to drain any water that might be left on the hillside from that leaky pipe, and two, to find if in indeed the busted water pipe was the culprit.

Brooke Jeffrey lives up the street and is also glad the city is looking into how long the water main had been leaking, and what caused it.

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