Video: Puppy Bowl dogs at San Francisco animal shelter looking for new home


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — There was the Super Bowl, but one of the most popular events was the Puppy Bowl.

KRON’s Vicki Liviakis visited an animal shelter, where she saw some of those puppies that are now desperate for a new home. While the winners of the Super Bowl get endorsements and a trip to Disneyland, the puppy teams who played in the Puppy Bowl had to go back to the animal shelter. And they are looking for new homes.

They drew huge crowds on Sunday.

But the pups had to go back where they came from after the Puppy Bowl–their shelter cages.

People could not resist when they were watching the Puppy Bowl, and now these champs need a new home.

With names like Broadway Joe and Montana, a total of 12 puppies are up for adoption.

“A lot of people have been looking today, but so far, only three have left and all of them are great,” animal control spokeswoman Virginia Donohue said.

Donohue also said their performance in the Puppy Bowl is proof positive.

“They’re well socialized,” she said. “They can…stand an active environment. They really are stars.”

The non-pit puppies are half price. The pit mixes are free  but require an extensive background check to see if the new owners can handle the breed.

If you want to adopt or donate to the cause, you can visit the Animal Care Control website.

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