Video: Dad goes missing on daughter’s wedding day in Northern California

WALNUT GROVE (KRON) — A joyous Northern California wedding was marred by the disappearance of the bride’s father just moments after taking a smiling picture.

That bride and groom have postponed their honeymoon, frantically searching for Prasad Moparti.

The wedding was held on Saturday on the Delta in Walnut Grove at the historic Grand Island Mansion. A short time later, Moparti, who flew in from India to attend the wedding, said he was going for a walk.

But when it was time to head to California, Moparti was missing.

His daughter said her dad sounded depressed recently.

“It sounded like he was a little…depressed, and he wanted to go back to India,” Durga Moparti said.

“For the last few days, he’s a little bit–I’m not sure what the reasons, but he’s not doing well,” groom Rajesh Gutta added.

The family and professional search teams are scouring the land in the Delta.

Dogs are being used to try to pick up a scent.

Click here to see the full video report from CNN.

CNN contributed to this report

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