El Nino: Pacifica apartment building torn down as cliff crumbles


Pacifica (KRON) — The crumbling cliffs along the Bay Area coastline have claimed an apartment building in Pacifica.

Demolition crews are tearing down a two-story building at 330 Esplande Avenue.

In the video, you can see heavy equipment ripping the building apart.

The city had been working on a plan that would demolish the building that sits on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean along Esplanade Avenue. The building has been vacant for years.

Pacifica wanted to get rid of the building because it’s on the side of a cliff and would not like to see it fall off.

KRON4 does not know why the demolition started today, we are investigating.

What is happening at the apartment complex is just one coastal problem for Pacifica. Along the city’s promenade, there have been three separate collapses of the seawall.

The city has approved spending $450,000 to get the seawall repaired. Farther south, several other properties hang in limbo after the cliffs below them eroded.

Just last week, one of the red-tagged homes caught fire and nearly burned to the ground.

KRON4 News will be live on the scene at 5 p.m.

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