Video: BART hires more cleaning staff


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — BART is trying to clean up its act by hiring more cleaning staff.

They are focusing on scrubbing down the stations that get the most foot traffic. KRON’s Maureen Kelly went to one of the stations to get reaction from riders.

A woman Maureen saw cleaning the fare gates at the Embarcadero station was just hired last month.

She is one of 19 new system service workers hired this year to beef up the crew that tries to keep up with the daily grime. The new hires that make up BART’s new special project crews work overnight five nights a week mopping, scrubbing, vacuuming and scraping up gum.

It takes each three-person crew six weeks to clean one entire station from top to bottom. And because each team is dedicated to just one station, at the end of that six weeks, they will start right back up cleaning all over again

BART says they are doing this in response to a 2014 customer satisfaction survey where riders let them know that they wanted cleaner stations.

It is music to the ears to frequent riders, like two artists who perform daily on the trains. They said they’ve seen some pretty gross stuff on BART, including pee in the elevator.

But not everyone is noticing the difference.

BART said they have also added more personnel to the teams that clean the trains at the end of the line.

Watch the above video to see Maureen’s full report.

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