Video: Controversy over leggings, tights at Pleasant Hill middle school


PLEASANT HILL (KRON) —¬†There is controversy about the dress code at a Pleasant Hill middle school, where leggings without something being worn over them and tights are considered inappropriate attire for girls.

One student tells KRON that she sees a double standard being applied.

“This is a very new policy and it should be overturned.” Eighth-grade student Analisa Liotta said.

Liotta said she cannot understand why leggings are being targeted by the school

“We don’t wear it for boys, we don’t wear it to show off, we wear it to be comfortable,” Liotta said. “It’s cold in the morning, so we wear it to be warm in the morning.”

KRON came to the school to give the principal a chance to tell her side of the story. KRON was told she was not available.

The closest thing KRON got to an official school response was a site supervisor interrupting an interview with a parent.The schools dress code

The schools dress code said “leggings or tights are considered undergarments and must be accompanied by dress code compliant outer wear.”

Liotta’s mom said she totally disagrees.

“It is not underwear, it’s outerwear,” Leonor Liotta said.

“If guys can sag their pants, then we can wear leggings,” Analisa added

The rules do state that all pants must be worn above the buttocks at all times.

Watch the above video to see Haaziq’s full report.

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