Video: Robberies reported at Orinda BART could be connected to Pleasanton mall robberies


ORINDA (KRON) — BART police said they are looking at the suspects arrested in the Pleasant mall robberies in connection with similar recent crimes under their jurisdiction.

They were not specific as to which crimes, but a look at their police log shows that a woman was robbed on Sunday afternoon in the Orinda BART Station parking lot.

In that incident, the victim said she was approached by one suspect as she stood by her open car door. Two other suspects stood by.

One of the men was holding either a shotgun or rifle. After one of the men grabbed her purse, the trio took off in a pearl colored Mercedes.

Nearly two weeks ago, on Feb. 10, there was a reported attempted carjacking at the Lafayette Station. In that incident, there was only one suspect involved.

According to Orinda police, the exact same thing happened at the Orinda BART parking lot, just two hours before on that same night.

People that KRON talked to in the BART parking lot are disturbed by these recent crimes. The riders said they hope these recent arrests put an end to this crime spree.

But so far, no one has been arrested for any of these BART-related attacks.

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