My KRON 4: Campbell family evicted from apartment after paying below-market rent


CAMPBELL (KRON) — The stories are out there, stories about rising rents and evictions across the Bay Area.

In this latest MyKRON4Story, Rob Fladeboe has the plight of one South Bay family, which is suffering from what they say is their landlord’s heavy-handed tactics.

Jessica Sewell said being evicted is one thing, but now, she is quite literally losing the roof over her head.

Sewell, her 9-year-old son, and their neighbors in a Campbell four-plex were given their required 60-day notices to move out. She understands the $1600 rent is well below market for the area but says they got no warning their building would be getting a new roof during that time.

Sewell showed the daylight coming through holes in her kitchen ceiling and attic. And she also showed where the dust, nails, paint, and other debris are raining down on their two-bedroom apartment.

Sewell said she is looking into hiring an attorney. But the fact that her lease is month-to-month and her rent is not subsidized, legal action may be out of the question.

Sewell’s landlord did not immediately respond to KRON’s request for comment. Meantime, she is heading for a motel, and if she can’t find an affordable new apartment, she, like so many other renters, may be forced to leave the Bay Area.

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