Mascot of San Lorenzo High School questioned by school board as offensive symbol

SAN LORENZO (KRON) — Rebel Guy is the mascot of San Lorenzo High School, and his existence is about to be questioned by the San Lorenzo School Board as an offensive symbol.

Rebel Guy has been part of the school’s identity since the early 1950s. In the 1990s, the Confederate flag and symbols relating to the confederacy were removed, and the mascot was redrawn to resemble an old west scout.

Many students did not see the Rebel Guy as a racist symbol and held him with affection.

“I don’t feel that it’s really racist anymore for the simple fact that they took away the Confederate flag and replaced it with SLZ,” student Dijour Ledbetter said. “I actually like the Rebel Guy, and seeing that I’m a senior, it’s been a part of my high school memories for four years now, and I play basketball, and it’s been on all of my logos and jerseys and everything. I really like the Rebel Guy, and it would really be a lot of work to really get the Rebel Guy off of everything because we have it on our field. We have it on our gym, like in the middle of our court.”

The school district has no estimate of how much it might cost to remove all traces of the mascot.

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