ONLY on KRON: Richmond police chief talks about recent shootings, including fatal shooting of teen


RICHMOND (KRON) — KRON’s J.R. Stone spoke exclusively with the Richmond police chief after at least four shootings in three days.

Two people were killed in those instances, including a 14-year-old boy on Monday.

Police Chf. Allwyn Brown is addressing the recent shootings in Richmond–the I-80 killing on Saturday, the 14-year-old who was murdered Monday morning, a drive-by shooting Monday afternoon, and an additional shooting Monday night.

“Like I said this is complicated‚Ķcomplicated,¬†complex problem, lots of layers…lots of complexity, so there’s no simple one or two or three things that are going to be a cure arm,” Brown said. “It just doesn’t happen that way…”

But Brown said that his department has made progress in the wake of the shootings. They’ve identified the victim in the I-80 shooting as someone who was a known gang member.

And on Tuesday, they arrested four other known gang members between the ages of 21 and 24. Two guns were confiscated in the process.

“We’re pretty confident was connected to sort of an ongoing rivalry that tends to burn hot and cold,” Brown said. “It’s linked to neighborhoods but it’s really feuds.”

The four suspects were in a vehicle seen leaving one of the shootings, but the four have not been officially linked. The chief said curbing the violence is going to take a community effort in addition to what his department is doing.

“So when we ramp up, this is not about indiscriminate policing or blanketing neighborhoods with police and just stopping people,” Brown said. “This is about our specialist and our beat officers knowing who’s active, who’s pulling triggers now, and pinpointing those folks.”

Some have said that the 14-year-old killed may have been a gang member, but his family members said that is not the case.

And police said he had not been classified as a known gang member.

Nevertheless, the chief said he believed these shootings were all targeted.

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