Video: Members of OJ Simpson’s “Dream Team” of defense attorneys speak about knife found at his estate


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — KRON spoke with several members of OJ Simpson’s “Dream Team” of defense attorneys.

This comes after a knife was found buried in O.J. Simpson’s old property in Brentwood. The knife was discovered years ago but has just recently come to light

The attorneys told KRON they are “highly skeptical” the knife found is at all related to the case and are amazed by the continued fascination related to anything OJ.

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Carl Douglas, one of Simpson’s attorneys in 1995, called the story ridiculous and said it is time for people to move on.

“To think that it would have any relevance whatsoever to circumstances surrounding the OJ Simpson case to me is outrageous,” Douglas said. “I would rather be talking about the Easter bunny for goodness sakes.”

Douglas said he thinks his former client would be “chuckling” at all the new developments.

The findings of the knife are not likely to change the verdict because of double jeopardy laws.

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