Video: Woman rescued from sinking car after she drives into Antioch Marina


ANTIOCH (KRON) — A woman was rescued after she drove her car into the water at the Antioch Marina Thursday night, police said.

Around 10:30 p.m., a security guard noticed a woman driving erratically at the Antioch City Marina parking lot located at 2 Marina Plaza.

She was driving at least 45 mph in the parking lot when she lost control and drove into the water, according to Contra Costa Fire Battalion Chief.

The security guard ran to the vehicle to help the driver as he noticed the woman panicking as her car began to sink.

He yelled at the woman telling her to roll her window down and unfasten her seatbelt. Once the woman followed his instructions, he was able to reach for her arm and pull her out the vehicle.

The car sank minutes after.

The woman was transported to a local hospital.

A Swift Water Rescue Team responded to the scene to check if any other passengers were in the sinking vehicle.

At this time, it’s unknown if drug or alcohol played a part in the crash.

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