Video: Berkeley police chief addresses city council about recent sexual assaults


BERKELEY (KRON) — The suspect that police believe is behind four sexual assaults in Berkeley is still on the loose and that has residents on edge.

On Tuesday night, the police chief addressed the city council about what police are doing to find the suspect.

The total number of sex offenses in Berkeley so far this year is 17, and four of them happened on or around the UC Berkeley campus.

Police believe it is the same person, and they said they are doing everything they can to catch him.

Berkeley police Chf. Michael Meehan sat in front of the city council Tuesday evening detailing the annual crime report.

Homicides are down, but rape, robbery, and aggravated assaults all increased from 2014-2015.

The recent sex assaults near the UC Berkeley campus started in February. The victims all describe the suspect as a Hispanic man in his 20s or 30s.

Authorities have been in the community working very hard talking to people, sharing videos, and pictures. They’re also working with a sexual assault expert.

There is fear that this predator may attack again.

Police are working diligently to find the suspect. Officers were on campus Monday night, focusing patrols in the south campus area.

They believe the suspect may live nearby.

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