Video: Ford pickup trucks attracting thieves in Contra Costa County


CONCORD (KRON) — Heavy-duty pickup trucks have become a favorite target of thieves in the Bay Area, according to police.

There have been dozens of these vehicles stolen already this year in Contra Costa County alone.

Investigators showed KRON’s Haaziq Madyun some of the reasons why criminals are attracted to Fords.

Auto thefts involving the Ford F-series pickup trucks are on the rise in central Contra Costa County. Ford’s E-series vans are being targeted as well.

So far in 2016, the City of Martinez has already seen 13 of these vehicles stolen. But over in the neighboring City of Concord, Cpl. Christopher Blakely said 30 such cars have been stolen.

Blakely said one of the reasons for the rise in these auto thefts are online videos showing how easy it is to steal these vehicles.

“That’s disturbing,” Blakely said. “I mean you’re basically showing someone how to steal a truck in a matter of two minutes on a video that you see online. They’re stealing these cars because they are easy to steal.”

He said tool containers attached to the pickup trucks are often what the thieves are after. vlcsnap-2016-03-08-18h13m48s163

“What they’re trying to do is steal it, bring it to a location, break into whatever storage you have on the truck, steal those tools, and sell them on the black market,” Blakely said. “There’s ways that you can kind of prevent these thefts.”

One of the best deterrents is using a club to lock down your steering wheel.

Police agree this is not a new hi-tech product, but it works.

“He sees that club on the steering wheel, it is kind of a little bit more for him to steal that car, and he moves on to the next one,” Blakely said. “It’s a very good crime deterrent to have.”

Concord police also suggest that Ford vehicle owners invest in after-market alarm systems to prevent their trucks and vans from being stolen.

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