Video: 9-year-old girl seriously injured after being hit by car near a Berkeley elementary school



BERKELEY (KRON) — In the East Bay, parents at a Berkeley elementary school want to see the crosswalk in front of their school made safer.

Earlier this week, a 9-year-old girl was crossing Claremont Avenue with her mother when she was struck by a car and seriously injured.

The girl was in the crosswalk but the driver of the car failed to yield.

Parents at nearby John Muir Elementary school said that the crosswalk needs better lighting and signage in order to get drivers to slow down.

“I’ve been in situations here where I’ve had to pull my kids away,” parent Isabell Macewan said. “Because people just go, and they don’t look.”

City officials said they are looking into several options for making the crosswalk safer.

The city has also received state grants to make changes at two nearby intersections along Claremont.

They hope the improvements will make the area around the school and at the crosswalk safer.

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