Tech Trends: Game Developer’s Conference preview, virtual reality takes center stage


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Virtual Reality is invading San Francisco.

The new virtual reality headsets are taking center stage at the big Game Developer’s Conference this week in San Francisco. It is the biggest Video Game show of the year.

KRON’s Tech Trends reporter Gabe Slate has a preview of what virtual reality will offer you.

Watch the above video to see Gabe’s full report.


USA Today is developing a Virtual Reality app for its readers –


This show is very visual and very hands-on.

It is all about VR this year–video games, TV shows, movies, and social media with VR.

Sony, HTC, and Facebook are coming, unveiling their Virtual Reality headsets that are all hitting the market this spring that will launch this whole new huge trend of VR.

VR is huge right now. It is going to explode this year.

Everyone is developing for it and investing in it.

Billions of dollars have been going into this next year. VR is going to be huge.

A huge tech and lifestyle trend are coming our way.

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