Video: Two homes damaged in Sonoma County after big trees fall


SONOMA COUNTY (KRON) — Two homes were damaged outside the Sonoma County town of Guerneville after some very big trees toppled over in the wake of the storms.

On Monday, a tree-trimming crew mulched the remains of three threes that came toppling down on Orchard Road. The roots of the first tree came crashing down just after 9 p.m. Sunday.

As it fell, it took out a small redwood and another big Douglas fir, damaging two homes. A couple who lives in one of the homes said they knew something was wrong when they heard the sound of branches falling for quite a long time.

The residents said they were lucky that the trunks of all the fallen trees ended up landing between the properties.

Some of those branches pierced the two roofs. Inside one of the homes, branches were poking through the bedroom ceilling.

One of the douglas fir trees also smashed the back of a pickup truck parked across the way.

Nobody was hurt.

The occupants of the homes said they will not know the true extent of the damage until they clear the tree limbs off their roofs.

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