Dine and Dish: Camino restaurant in Oakland is all about cooking over an open flame


OAKLAND (KRON) — It is one thing to eat out at a James Beard award-winning restaurant.

It’s another to make that same meal–yourself.

On Wednesday’s Dine and Dish, Vicki Liviakis takes us to Oakland and a diner’s darling that just got nominated for its cookbook.

It’s all about cooking over an open flame and hand chopping fresh local produce.

Camino in Oakland is an East Bay hotspot, famous among food-lovers from all over the Bay.

And now it’s being recognized for its cookbook.

Nominated for a James Beard award, Chef Russ Moore, formerly of Chez Panisse and Allison Hopelain, are downright giddy over it.

Not only are the pictures pretty to look at, but the pair insists you too can cook–like baked oysters, or even easier?

The cookbook even goes so far as to show you how to make your own red wine vinegar, which for Vicki, is a bit of a challenge, so they also sell their own house-made vinegar.

Another secret is the wood. Camino gets it right out of the garden.

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