Police: Man kidnapped, taken to his home and robbed

AUSTIN (KXAN) — A man is charged with aggravated kidnapping after a victim reported being threatened with a gun, taken to multiple ATM machines, and ultimately being taken back to and robbed at his home.

According to an arrest affidavit, 31-year-old Jacob Vasquez confronted the victim outside Ben White Mini Storage around 12:30 a.m. on Feb. 25 and initially asked him for a cigarette. When the victim told him he did not smoke, Vasquez told him he had a gun and would kill him if he did anything stupid. From there, Vasquez forced the victim to go to a 7-Eleven on West Ben White and made the victim withdraw $800 from the ATM machine.

The victim said a police officer walked into the store while he was withdrawing money, but Vasquez said if the victim said anything, he would kill him, the officer and the store clerk, continued in the court documents.

After leaving the 7-Eleven, the victim said he was taken back to one of the storage units at the facility where Vasquez met up with a woman police later identified as Priscilla Lynn Garcia. The woman appeared to be living at the storage unit, according to the victim.

The three got into a cab, according to the warrant, and the victim was taken to a Walmart where he was asked to withdraw more money from an ATM. From there, the victim said the three went back to the victim’s home in South Austin where Vasquez and Garcia stole printers, laptops, cell phones and other electronics before calling another cab and leaving.

Police say surveillance video at the Walmart and 7-Eleven support the victim’s story. The victim said he was never harmed, nor did he ever see a gun, but Vasquez was reaching inside his jacket and mentioned multiple times he would kill the victims if he tried to escape or alert police. The entire incident took place over a span of approximately three hours.

Court records indicate two days after this incident, Vasquez approached two men in a Walmart parking lot and ended up forcing them to drive him around as well.

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