Video: Attempted child abduction reported near Berkeley elementary school


BERKELEY (KRON) — An elementary school principal in Berkeley is warning parents about an attempted child abduction just a few days after a man allegedly tried to lure a little girl into a van.

This comes just months after similar incidents were reported in the area. Parents said they are shaken up by these incidents.

The incident allegedly happened Monday morning but the school didn’t learn about it until Tuesday.

And everyone is just grateful the girl got away.

“My thoughts immediately went to that little girl and how smart she was to just run to school,” concerned parent Mel Bolton said.

Malcolm X Elementary School principal Alexander Hunt wrote an e-mail to parents on Wednesday letting them know about what a student said happened near the school Monday morning. On the girl’s walk to class, Hunt says a green van pulled into a driveway in front of her.

There were two men inside, and Hunt said they told the girl to move ahead.

Seconds later, Hunt says the girl heard the passenger jump out and started to follow her to school. In the email, at some point, Hunt said the man reached out to the girl.

But she ran away.

Hunt said the girl didn’t immediately tell anyone at the school about this.

A day later, Hunt said she talked about it with her mom, and that is when the mother got in touch with the school.

“There’s been a few incidents in the past few months, and so we need to tell our kids that they need to let a parent or an adult know right away so that the cops can get involved, and hopefully these incidents don’t happen again,” Bolton said.

This incident mirrors five others reported last September and October when children reported a man in a green van attempted to lure them over.

The Berkeley Unified School District is encouraging students to walk in pairs.

“If anyone every tries to grab you and pull you into a van, you have to like run away and scream for help,” concerned parent Lindsey Urbina said.

This case was discussed at a PTA meeting at the school.

The police department also says it is taking the allegations very seriously.

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