Police: Drunk woman let sex offender tattoo her kids

AUSTIN, TX (WCMH) — A Texas mother is facing charges after police say she got drunk and allowed her young children to get tattoos by a reported sex offender.

According to the San Antonio Express , Ashley Weir, 31, was arrested after the children called their father and told him they had a surprise for him that he might not like. The 13-year-old son received a tattoo of a cross, the 10-year-old daughter got a tattoo of a cross and infinity symbol and the 9-year-old daughter got a tattoo of a heart and arrow.

The kids told police their mother allowed them to get the tattoos as long as they did not cry or whine when it hurt, KTBC-TV reports. When the father picked up the children, he noticed the fresh tattoos on their ankles and called police to perform a welfare check on his ex-wife.

When officers arrived on the scene to interview Weir, she “wobbled, swayed and was unsure on her feet while walking,” the newspaper reports. Police say she then admitted to allowing her children to get the tattoos.

Weir now faces misdemeanor charges of tattoos prohibited for certain person. She also had two out-of-county warrants for driving without a license and resisting arrest. If convicted, she faces up to three years in prison.

Police say the man who did the tattoos was the brother to Weir’s boyfriend is listed on the Texas Department of Public Safety’s sex offender registry.

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