Video: CHP investigating series of hit-and-runs near Pittsburg BART Station


PITTSBURG (KRON) —¬†The California Highway Patrol is investigating a series of hit-and-run crashes, and they all happened near the Pittsburg BART Station on Wednesday.

The CHP said the driver of a silver sedan was involved in several hit-and-run crashes on Bailey Road and the on-ramp, as well as the off-ramp of Highway 4. The accidents appear to have happened in succession at around 8 p.m.

The driver took off and eventually ended up in the back of the BART parking lot. CHP officers said there was a passenger in the car with the driver, and they both ran away from the scene.

Officers used trained dogs to try to find the two suspects, but police were unable to find them. But, during the course of the investigation, police recovered several clues from the car, including what appears to be a cellphone.

There were initial reports of a man with a gun, but police said there is no evidence of that. Police said the car is registered to a property in Antioch and may be stolen.

Several holes could be seen on the side of the car.

“I noticed what appears to be a bullet hole in the back, rear panel,” CHP Sgt. David Bartlett said. “There are several bullet holes in this car, and they all appear to be old with rust and such.”

The CHP said it is looking for the two suspects who were in the car.

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