Video: Oakland police crackdown on pedestrian safety


OAKLAND (KRON) — It was very close call on Wednesday for a pedestrian trying to cross an Oakland street.

The person was a police officer. But some cars got dangerously close to hitting the undercover officer.

Those in charge of the operation told KRON the goal Wednesday was much different than what you might imagine.

Driver after driver blasted through a crosswalk on Grand Avenue while the undercover officer tried to get to the other side. In one case, a car got very close to hitting the pedestrian.

Oakland police were out there to bring more awareness to drivers. And the goal was not to give tickets, police said.

However, tickets were certainly handed out because drivers failed to follow the law repeatedly.

Officers are still counting up how many infractions they wrote during this sting.

The department said they have seen an increase in pedestrian injuries, which is what prompted this operation.

In the last three years, they have had 876 injuries.

They plan to do more of these operations in the future.

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