Dine and Dish: Dungeness crab craze hits the Bay Area


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — For the longest time, crab lovers were denied their favorite Dungeness.

But now that the crustacean has been given a clean bill of health, local crabs are making their way onto plenty of plates.

On Wednesday’s Dine and Dish, KRON’s Vicki Liviakis finds 30 ways to love crab.

As they say, absence makes the heart fonder. And there’s nothing like a love affair with Dungeness.

No local crab for months and now the crab-craze is on. Crab lovers from all over can’t seem to get enough. It’s a crabapalooza!

How many ways can you eat crab? Vicki counts at least 30.

At Pier 39’s Fog Harbor, Bob and Vicki bibbed up to give it a go.

Let’s get cracking!

The season winds down in June so time is running out for the crustacean.

Dungeness crab really is all it’s cracked up to be.

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