High temperatures bring rattlesnakes out of hibernation

CONCORD (KRON) — The high temperatures are bringing rattlesnakes out of hibernation.

Venomous snakes have already reportedly been spotted in the Lime Ridge Open Space in Concord and the Clayton Community Park.

The experts at the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek said hikers can expect to see the cold-blooded creatures in wilderness areas all over the Bay Area from now until October, so people should watch where they are going.

“They do camouflage well, so they blend in with their environment,” Lindsay Wildlife Museum spokeswoman Dawn Manley said. “People need to be aware of where they’re hiking and where they’re walking and looking down and looking around and looking for snakes. So, they have some defense mechanisms which is their venom. But they’re going to warn us first, and they’re going to do things like back away, shake their tail, and if none of that works, they may–if they think they’re going to be hurt by someone…–they may try to strike.”

Rattlesnakes don’t always use their venom when they bite.

But it is poisonous, and in rare instances, can be deadly.

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