Photos: Dump truck crashes into Sausalito house

SAUSALITO (KRON) — Incredible pictures show a dump truck that crashed into a Sausalito house.

It happened at around 2:30 p.m. on Lower Crescent Ave.

Authorities said the driver somehow lost control of the truck, which was loaded with hot asphalt, and it rolled down a steep hill and crashed into a home.

Firefighters said the driver hopped out of the truck before the crash and broke his arm.

The homeowner described what she saw before part of her home was demolished.

“I heard the very loud sound, which could only be a truck rolling backward down the hill,” homeowner Gerry Beers said. “This tremendous crash. I said to my husband, ‘Honey, somebody–a truck–has rolled down the hill and smacked into our garage.'”

The second story of the home shifted off its foundation.

Engineers are now on the scene trying to determine how to remove the truck from the home.

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