My KRON 4: San Jose man says homeless camp is causing drop in his property value


SAN JOSE (KRON) — Drug dealing, fist fights, piles of trash, and a precipitous drop in his property value–those are among the effects of a homeless camp on the life of a San Jose man, he says.

He said his complaints are falling on deaf ears, but help is arriving at last. SanJjose resident Adam Hayes is talking about the homeless camp on a strip of PG&E and Caltrans right-of-way between his home and Interstate 680 near McKee road.

He said the camp has been making his life miserable for months.

Pictures captured by Hays’ surveillance cameras show alleged drug use, drug dealing, loitering on his property, a dead rat, visits from the police, and a clip that shows a camper using his yard for a bathroom.

Hays and KRON’s Rob Fladeboe found the camp was deserted on Monday. PG&E confirms it posted an eviction notice last week and will soon begin the clean up.

But Hays predicts the campers will simply move onto the adjacent Caltrans property.

Hays showed KRON a work order from Caltrans dated last June. But he said they never showed up.

A Caltrans spokesman said a crew cleaned up its turf two months ago.

Meanwhile, Hays and his neighbors are trying without success to sell out and move on, and coping with a problem that just won’t go away.

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