Cavs fans use fuzzy math to troll Warriors’ 73 wins record

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Cleveland Cavaliers fans are popping champagne bottles and fashioning NBA champions gear this post season in their latest troll of the Golden State Warriors.

A new Cavs’ fan T-Shirt uses arithmetic, albeit fuzzy, to argue that their star player — No. 23 LeBron James — is greater than the Warriors’ team that lost only 9 out of 82 regular season games.

“23 > 73,” reads the T-Shirt, which is being sold on the site Kingdom Apparel Inc.


Kingdom Apparel must have forgotten that King James lost last June to the Warriors. How does that define Cleveland?

Nevertheless, saying that James is better than every player dressed in Royal Blue and California Golden Yellow is fundamentally wrong. Cavaliers fans dismiss the fact that Steph Curry dropped a record 402 three-pointers and is considered a front-runner for this season’s MVP award.

Also, never mind that Warriors’ sixth man Andre Iguodala stopped James during last year’s Finals on his way to earning the series MVP.

And how quickly they forget that the Warriors swept this season’s series against James.

Fuzzy, faulty math. Or as Twitter user @DeeGreatest11 put it: “get some rings first.”

Math aside, the T-shirt’s message doesn’t inspire much confidence in the rest of the Cavaliers roster. Seems Cavs fans are conceding they are a one-man team and have reduced everyone else to being a random variable.


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