Man linked to statewide AMBER Alert arrested for attempted murder, kidnapping


SOLEDAD, Ca. (KRON) — A man suspected of stealing a vehicle with a 2-year-old child sitting in the backseat of the car has been arrested for attempted murder and kidnapping, authorities announced Monday afternoon.

Carmen Rogelio Maldonado, 27, was taken into custody Monday at around 1:45 p.m. at a remote farmhouse in rural South Monterey County. He was booked into the Monterey County Jail for attempted murder, kidnapping and auto theft.

Carmen Rogelio Maldonado, 27, arrested for attempted murder and kidnapping.
Carmen Rogelio Maldonado, 27, arrested for attempted murder and kidnapping.

After receiving reliable information about the whereabouts of Maldonado, officers with the Soledad Police Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Monterey County District Attorney’s Office and Gonzales Police Department immediately responded to the area and surrounded the home.

Officers caught up with Maldonado days after driving off in a car that was parked outside of a home in the 100 block of Head Street last Thursday.

The California Highway Patrol issued an AMBER Alert after the owner of the vehicle said he left his young son strapped in his seat while the car was warming up in their driveway, Soledad police Chief Eric Sills said.

“He walked back into his residence, momentarily leaving his son and vehicle unattended. When he exited his home, he discovered the vehicle and his son were missing,” Soledad police said.

A witness who had heard the statewide Amber Alert reported seeing a vehicle matching the description of the stolen car parked in a shed off of an agricultural field near River Road south of Chualar in Monterey County.

The witness led officers to the shed where they spotted the missing child seated in his car seat in the rear of the vehicle.

“The doors were locked, so officers broke open the driver’s side window of the vehicle and located the missing child conscious and alert. Paramedics were immediately summoned to the scene and the child was transported to a local Monterey County Hospital where he was examined, interviewed and then released to family members,” Soledad police said.

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