My KRON 4: Redwood City couple says they moved out of home due to mold causing health problems


REDWOOD CITY (KRON) — A Redwood City couple said they had to move out of their home because the mold problem was causing health problems, and they said the owner of the house is not doing anything about the problem.

KRON’s Jeff Bush tried to get some answers from the landlord on Tuesday afternoon in a story you will only see on KRON.

Ricky Martinez moved into the yellow house on the 3300 block of Bay Road in Redwood City with his pregnant wife and young daughter back in January. Ricky said everyone in the family started feeling sick after the last big rain storm.

“My wife, my daughter, and I had all had almost like a common cold that we kept on–the symptoms kept persisting,” Martinez said. “None of us were getting any better.”

Ricky said that was bad enough, but his wife and daughter started having additional health problems.

“Both her and my daughter…so, we’re talking about 10 weeks in…developed a rash over their entire bodies,” he said. “It was severe enough that we decided to go and seek medical attention.”

It was a reaction to mold. Ricky started pulling furniture away and discovered mold growing along the baseboards in the house.

It was even growing on the soles of a pair of shoes that were sitting in the closet.

Ricky said the landlord sent out a handyman who said the problem was not that bad, but Ricky hired an independent expert who said the house is unsafe, especially for young children and for pregnant women.

Ricky and the family have been in a hotel for the last three weeks. He said the landlord offered to release them from their lease, without refunding their deposit.

Ricky said his family is not being treated fairly.

“Never once have we been offered help to move all of our stuff out of the house, have it professionally cleaned,” Martinez said.

KRON reached out to the owner of the home to get reaction to this story, but so far, there has been no response.

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