Online connection reunites owner with engagement ring lost in Hawaii

KAUAI (KHON) — A woman visiting Kauai was reunited with her diamond ring thanks to Craigslist and an honest man.

Laura Mitrowski was snorkeling last Friday off Lawai Beach when she lost her engagement ring.

She thought it was gone forever, but decided to post an online ad anyway.

Good thing she did. Her request for help caught the attention of Mike “Shay” Smith.

“That was just random luck while I was out snorkeling, just happened to catch a glimpse of a sparkle at the bottom and scooped it up,” Smith told KHON2. “I just went to Craigslist in the lost-and-found (section) and had to scroll back a few days.”

On Monday night, Mitrowski said, “I got an email from Mike saying he thinks he found my ring, and I asked him to send a picture of it, and he asked if I could describe it any more, and I said there’s a crack in the band, and he’s like yes, this is definitely your ring.

“I was like in shock. I didn’t think anyone was going to find it because I figured if it was lost in the ocean, it was going to be lost forever,” she added. “I couldn’t believe it. I was in disbelief. I was crying.”

The two met Tuesday and Mitrowski got her ring back. She also gave him a $300 reward to show her appreciation, though Smith initially turned it down.

“I’m glad we could get it back to them,” he said, “and especially if you have something extremely sentimental, you don’t want that to ruin your vacation.”

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