Video: Police, community leaders speak about epidemic of East Bay freeway shootings


RICHMOND (KRON) — Bullets fired on an East Bay highway took a deadly turn on Tuesday night, with the latest incident happening in Pittsburg on Highway 4.

KRON has been tracking this dangerous trend for months now. And on Wednesday night, KRON searched for answers about what is being done about the problem.

There have been 18 freeway shootings since last November.  Eleven of those have happened on the I-80 corridor in the East Bay.

One man died in yet another freeway shooting Tuesday night, and no suspects have been arrested or identified.

Lt. Andre Hill of Richmond police said his department is part of a multi-agency gang task force that has been eyeing these shootings, shootings that have all been labeled, targeted, or gang related.

“We’ve identified a majority of the gangs that are involved, but the challenge is identifying specific individuals within those gangs who are the active shooter in those instances,” Hill said.

In the latest Highway 4 Pittsburg shooting, the victim’s body was recovered with multiple gunshot wounds.

KRON asked where these gang members accused in the shootings may be from.

“We believe a lot of the gangs are Richmond gangs, specifically North Richmond, Iron Triangle, Central Richmond (and) the south side of Richmond,” Hill said.

So, is it possible to fix the problem?

“…We gonna wave a wand and it’s all gonna go away. It’s not that simple, you know, because there is a lot of very complex social, historical, psychological, emotional things that’s going on all mixed together,” Rev. Alvin Bernstine said.

Bernstine is part of a ceasefire program targeted at changing the pattern of violence in Richmond and nearby communities.

“This behavior is not going to be tolerated, and we know based upon past actions who are the potential perpetrators of it, so we bring them out of that anonymity, saying we know who you guys are and you guys gotta stop this, but unfortunately, you stop one group, and there is another group coming right there behind them,” Bernstine said.

Bernstine said he doesn’t believe there is a simple solution here. There has been one arrest made in connection with one of the 18 shootings.

That was an attempted murder case. There have been dozens of gang arrests throughout the East Bay, but those cases have not been linked to the 17 other shootings.


18 East Bay freeway shootings since Nov. 2015:

  • 11 of those on I-80
  • 3 of those on State Route 4
  • 2 on Interstate 580
  • 1 on Interstate 880
  • 1 on State Road 242

Four Shootings are being investigated as homicides


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