Video: Sunnyvale residents displaced by apartment fire searching for new home in tough housing market


SUNNYVALE (KRON) — In the South Bay, dozens of people are trying to find new homes after their apartment complex was damaged by a fire last week.

About 100 residents were forced from the Twin Pines Manor apartment complex in Sunnyvale on Friday. The city has since condemned the building, and most people are now staying in hotels.

Sunnyvale Community Services is trying to help many of the low-income residents find new homes, but it’s a tough job in the Bay Area’s red-hot rental market.

“These are folks who are low income,” Sunnyvale Community Services spokeswoman Marie Bernard said. “And so, they are living close to the edge. This is catastrophic for them because they didn’t have a rainy day fund.”

Community Services has been able to find apartments for 15 people, and they hope to have everyone settled in a few months, a year at most.

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