WEIRD: Swimming pool warns men not to use communal hairdryers on their genitals

ICELAND (KRON) — New signage displayed around a public pool in Iceland is reminding male swimmers that hairdryers are not for drying off their scrotum.

In response to a growing number of angry complaints about men using hairdryers to blow-dry their private parts, managers at the Sundhollin pool, in the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik, decided to create official rules on how to shower.

Rule #1: Don’t dry your scrotum or your behind with the communal hairdryer in the swimming pool or the gym.

If the rule isn’t clear enough, management posted a sign using illustrations showing a middle-aged man lifting up a leg and pointing a blow-dryer at his crotch.

Sources told Iceland Magazine, that the rules were posted last year.

“The staff at the old downtown swimming pool Sundhöllin had provided guests with handy blow-dryers to dry their hair, but as some gentlemen were happy to discover the dryers were just as useful when it came to drying their ball sacks, others were less pleased with this novelty,” Iceland Mag reported.


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