Public Defender: New video appears to show Alameda County deputy stealing chain from beating victim in San Francisco

ALAMEDA COUNTY (KRON) — New video released by the San Francisco public defender’s office appears to show an Alameda County deputy stealing a chain from beating victim 29-year-old Stanislav Petrov.

Petrov, who allegedly stole a car, was beaten with metal batons by two deputies on a San Francisco street on Nov. 12 at the end of a car chase that began in unincorporated San Leandro.

San Francisco Public Defender’s Office spokeswoman Tamara Aparton said the video reportedly showed the deputy stealing the chain from Petrov. necklace photo and witness drawing

Here is a statement from public defender Jeff Adachi.

“Stealing from a man after beating him bloody can only be described as a vile criminal act. It is now six months after the brutal beating and theft was caught on video. Eyewitnesses have come forward with detailed accounts that corroborate what’s seen on the footage. Isn’t that enough for the San Francisco District Attorney to bring criminal charges against these deputies?”

In March, a third deputy had been placed on administrative leave since allegations surfaced that after the beating, he stole a gold chain from Petrov and gave it to two homeless people who had witnessed the incident.

“After the beating, one of the beaters went up to the witnesses and said, ‘I hope you enjoyed the show,’ and one of the deputies handed them a valuable gold chain and money they had stolen from Stanislav, and we believe that they were trying to bribe these witnesses into silence,” Petrov’s attorney Michael Haddad said last month.

That deputy has not been identified, but Alameda County Sheriff Greg Ahern said he has 20 years of experience with the department.

The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office has launched a formal investigation after surveillance video was released earlier this year.

KRON reached out to the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office. Sgt. J.D. Nelson told KRON that the deputy is on leave and that the video is not new.

Nelson said it is part of the original video and that the public defender’s office only released a portion of it the first time around.

“And that video could lead to criminal charges against that deputy.” Nelson said.

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