Michigan substitute teacher says she was fired for using the word “vagina” in class

(KRON) — A Michigan teacher said she was fired for using the word vagina in class.

Allison Wint, a substitute art teacher, said she used the word to a room full of eighth graders and was trying to explain historical interpretations of certain paintings.

“Yes I did say that word,” Wint said. “However, I was saying it in the context of art history. I wasn’t being vulgar.”

But to school officials, Wint crossed the line and violated school policy.

According to the policy, a teacher has to get approval before discussing any form of reproductive health.

Wint says she did not know about this policy and would have approached the lesson differently if she had known.

“I honestly had no words because I’ve always been an advocate of not censoring art and music and writing,” Wint said.

The school released a statement saying they do not shy away from controversial subject matters but added that Wint was terminated because she didn’t follow district art curriculum.

CNN contributed to this report

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