Video: 15-year-old Martinez boy who died in swimming pool accident remembered


MARTINEZ (KRON) — A 15-year-old Martinez boy who died over the weekend in a swimming pool accident is being remembered on Thursday night at Alhambra High School where he was a freshman.

KRON’s Jeff Bush talked to classmates who shared memories of their friend.

Hundreds of Andre Parrilla’s classmates, teachers, and coaches gathered at the track to remember him. Andre played on the football team and was on the wrestling team.

Over and over again, his friends said his confidence and good nature were a positive influence.

“Andre was a very great guy,” friend Dillon Elliott said. “He was very funny and very easy to get along with and everyone just loved him.”

“He was one of the funniest kids that we knew,” another friend Tyler Boyce said. “He made the football season great and made it fun.”

The memorial was full of stories and memories of the experiences that make high school such a special time in a young person’s life.

It was clear that Andre’s presence will be missed for a long time.

“He meant to me a…bigger brother that I could look up to,” friend Alek Reid said. “He always taught me to never give up on myself or change my personality to the class. We all saw him as a funny guy who we all loved….I wish i could say goodbye to my best friend one more time.”

Andre’s 15th birthday was last Wednesday.

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