Santa Cruz police arrested a man suspected of downloading and sharing child pornography

SANTA CRUZ (BCN) – A man suspected of downloading and sharing child pornography was arrested Thursday at his Soquel home, according to Santa Cruz police.

A five-month-long investigation into a network suspected of disturbing child porn led investigators to the arrest of Jonathan Wells, 43, at his home in the 3700 block of Vista Drive, police said.

During the investigation, which began in December, police investigators accessed the network, using an undercover identity and determined Wells was a source of the child pornography files that were being
shared on the network, according to police.

During a search of Wells’ home, investigators seized multiple computers and external hard drives that were allegedly used to download and provide child porn on the network, police said.

Wells confessed to downloading child porn as well as making files available for sharing on the network. He was arrested on suspicion of possessing child pornography, according to police.

At the home, investigators also seized 39 firearms, including six handguns, two assault style rifles, large caliber rifles and an assorted collection of black powder firearms. Investigators are working to determine if the firearms were legally owned by Wells, police said.

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