VIDEO: Fight over Golden State Warriors’ new SF arena heats up after tweet from city attorney’s office


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The fight to build the Golden State Warriors’ new arena in San Francisco got more heated on Monday after a tweet from the city attorney’s office.

The tweet from city attorney Dennis Hererra’s office reads as follows:


When the tweet says “foes,” that might be referring to the Mission Bay Alliance group that has been fighting tooth and nail to stop the arena project for a variety of reasons.

This tweet Monday includes a link to the city attorney’s website, which has an update on the Warriors project.

Hererra is defending the city against the Mission Bay Alliance’s lawsuit in court.

The contents of the link shared Monday says in part, “Just two sentences into their 45-page brief, plaintiffs mistakenly referred to the 18,500-seat venue as an ‘80,000-seat GSW sports arena.'”

Mission Bay Alliance spokesman Sam Singer issued the following statement in response to the city attorney.

“If San Francisco’s City Attorney thinks a new version of Fisherman’s Wharf in Mission Bay is more important than life-saving bioscience research, then he is simply wrong.

Nearly 35 percent of S.F.-area residents are considering leaving because of high housing costs and traffic, according to a poll this week. The Warriors proposed arena will not only make this situation worse, it will irreparably harm life-saving bioscience research in San Francisco.”

Sam Singer, spokesman for Mission Bay Alliance, which opposes the Warriors entertainment center and arena at Mission Bay.”

KRON recently reached out to the Golden State Warriors and they issued the following statement:

The City Attorney correctly points out the absurdity of the attack by the SuperPAC opposing the Warriors’ arena. They don’t represent the community, they don’t represent UCSF and they don’t represent the city. In fact, in their quest to grab the land for themselves, the Mission Bay Alliance has attacked all three; they are shameless.

In February, Warriors spokesperson P.J. Johnston issued the following statement on a recent lawsuit filed by both the Mission Bay Alliance and the mother of a critically ill child to stop the development of the new arena.

The Warriors bought a site with vested rights to 677,000 sf of Prop M allocation; we decided to use 577,000 sf, so we actually gave back 100,000 sf to Prop M pool.

The anonymous super-PAC fighting the Warriors just want that private land for their own business interests. Yesterday they were against the entertainment center; today they’re against the offices; tomorrow they’ll probably be against the public parks. It should be noted that this project isn’t just about a state-of-the-art arena, public plazas, parks, restaurants, cafes and offices — all privately financed, all community serving — but the Warriors are also generating $25 million for affordable housing in Mission Bay.

We expect the super-PAC to fail as miserably in a court of law as they have in the court of public opinion.

Stay with KRON for updates. KRON4 News starts at 8 p.m.

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