VIDEO: Pittsburg school district gives 50 families computers to those who never owned one


PITTSBURG (KRON) — Not having a computer at home creates some challenges for families with children in school, and in some cases, the students cannot do homework and parents cannot communicate with teachers.

But that changed on Monday for families in the East Bay.

At Parkside Elementary School in Pittsburg, 50 families got like-new computers from Oakland Technology Exchange West.

OTX refurbishes donated corporate and government computers by cleaning out the hard drive, updating the software, and installing new programs.

Families who qualify for the computers have never had access to the internet at home before. They got a monitor, central processing unit, cables, and even a mouse for free. OTX said it wants to bridge the technology gap.

“Beyond grateful! This is the perfect opportunity for my family,” said Monique White, who got a new computer. “I can’t wait to try the different programs they have available and just have the access that we need at home.

Since 1995, OTX has given out 40,000 computers and trained 10,000 families on how to use them.

The families at Parkside also can sign up for the internet for just $10 a month.

This is one of the several schools OTX has teamed up with at the Pittsburg Unified School District.

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