Video: Thief steals donation jar filled with cash for children’s autism awareness charity in Concord


CONCORD (KRON) — A thief in Concord ran off with a donation jar filled with cash for a children’s charity.

The crime was captured on surveillance video.

“So, you see the suspect casually walk up,” Ofc. Christopher Blakely said.

KRON has obtained security camera video of a man stealing a jar full of money at the checkout counter of Digger’s Diner in Concord. The whole thing happened in a matter of seconds, just before 8 p.m. last Wednesday, Blakeley said. vlcsnap-2016-05-02-16h22m43s197

“He goes directly to the counter, grabs the jar that the restaurant set up for autism awareness for donations,” Blakeley said.

The donation jar was a part of Digger’s participation in the National Autism Awareness month.

“This is our first year actually doing that,” said Nicole Davenport, who is the manager at Diggers’ Diner.

Davenport said raising awareness about the challenges associated with autism is important for the people who work here.

“It’s important to us because we are all like family and we have a family member who has autism,” Davenport said.

And that makes this theft that much more personal.

“Yeah, and it’s sad,” Blakely said. “I mean who even knows if the suspect even knows what that was set up for? I can’t believe how bold somebody is to do that.”

And he did it with a huge yellow sign reading, “Smile, You’re on Camera,” that is posted inside the store, police said. vlcsnap-2016-05-02-16h36m18s193

“Grabs the jar, runs out, and you see the employee sees what’s going on, chases right after him,” Blakely said.

The employee chased the thief into this parking lot, where he jumped into a waiting vehicle and got away, police said.

“He seems to be a white male with long black curly hair, he’s about 5’11”, about 180 pounds, was wearing a black shirt and blue jeans,” Blakeley said.

An unintended result of this theft is a major increase in donations which will go to the Special Kid’s Foundation in Brentwood.

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