Waste management authority board votes to nix fee

The Alameda County Waste Management Authority Board has unanimously adopted a resolution to phase out a fee by June 2017 that will save garbage ratepayers nearly $1 million annually, according to the authority.

The board on Wednesday approved eliminating the Benchmark service, which was funded by an annual fee ranging between $1.74 and $20.68, depending on the level of garbage service.

The service involved taking random anonymous measurements of how much recyclable and compostable material was in garbage containers in Alameda County and sending reports to account holders describing what was found and how they could reduce waste at homes and businesses.

Authority officials determined after completing an evaluation that there were other approaches that could be used to communicate best practices instead of the service, which began in 2013.

Alameda County Waste Management Authority board president Jerry Pentin said in a statement, “I applaud the agency for rescinding a fee and not trying to repurpose it for another use. That’s rare these days for a public agency.”

Account holders can expect to continue to pay the fee through June 30, 2017, according to the authority.

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