Bay Area family kicked off flight from Utah over peanut allergy

PROVO, Utah (KRON) — A Bay Area family said they were kicked off an Allegiant flight after telling flight attendants their son had a peanut allergy, according to CNN.

Kyson Dana and his wife were flying from Provo, Utah to Oakland on Monday. As they boarded the plane, they told a flight attendant their son had a serious peanut allergy and asked if they could keep the snack away from him.

A second flight attendant came around and asked passengers near the family to avoid eating any peanuts.

Dana said everyone agreed, so he thought the situation was resolved until a few minutes later.

“A third flight attendant comes to us and says, ‘We’ve spoken to the captain or the pilot and we are going to have you removed from the plane,'” Dana said.

Dana said the flight staff said they consulted with a medical professional and decided it was not safe to let them fly, even though they had their EpiPen with them.

They got off the plane and missed their flight home.

The airline later sent out a statement apologizing for what happened.

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