15 dogs died after a house fire in Pennsylvania

NEW CASTLE, Pa. (WKBN) – At least 15 dogs died in a fire in New Castle overnight, but the couple who lived in the home managed to escape safely.

Georgia and Darrell Hilyard lived in the home at 322 Boyles Avenue for almost 20 years. Georgia raised the dogs.

Investigators say the fire started in the garage and continued into the house.

“She looked outside and saw the fire, and screamed and ran downstairs,” Darrell said. “I have a false leg and fortunately, I hadn’t taken it out for the night…when we got out, the flames had already gotten from the garage…to the side of the house.”

When the couple realized their dogs were still inside, they tried to go back in. Firefighters stopped them, saying it was too dangerous.

“It went so fast and we have all these dogs,” Darrell said. “When we tried to go get them…the firemen wouldn’t let us go back in.”

Firefighters found one dog alive and took it to a nearby animal hospital. Four dogs are unaccounted for.

The Hilyards are heartbroken, but happy they made it out alive.

The home was insured, but completely destroyed.

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