Average U.S. consumer spends about $172.22 on Mother’s Day

NORTH HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – With Mother’s Day only days away, Adam Demitro is being what you might call “a good son,” he’s out buying his mom a new pair of earrings at Libero Jewelers.

“My mom loves earrings so obviously I took a picture of a couple of pairs and I showed her and she picked them out,” said Demitro.

Buying jewelry for Mother’s Day is a good idea, but not a unique one.

“Usually for Mother’s Day we have about a 10 to 15 percent increase in business,” said store manager, Ashley Libero.

Most likely Libero’s won’t be the only ones with lots of work on their hands. According to the National Retail Federation, jewelry will be one of most popular gifts people will purchase for their mothers. They predict spending nationwide to reach $4.2 billion this year alone.

Another popular thing to buy for mom, outings, such as dinner or brunch. Total spending they think for that will come in at $4.1 billion.

Kirsten Ficorilli is a staff a member at the newly opened Beachhead Restaurant and 2016 will mark their first Mother’s Day with their current owners. The holiday, she says, is so important that plans were in the works for what to do for the holiday long before they ever opened their doors.

“Mother’s Day is so important in the restaurant industry,” said Ficorilli. “It really gives people that time to, you know, take your mother out and really treat her and have her not cook for once and have someone else do it for her.”

Nationwide spending is expected to reach nearly $21.5 billion for Mother’s Day. That comes out to around $172.22 per consumer.

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