Teen patient high on anesthesia turns into jet-setting pimp

(KRON) — A hilarious viral video showing a teen high on anesthesia and telling stories about traveling to Dubai with his gangster friend Rocco is sweeping the web.

The video, the second in a series of four videos, documents the boy’s visit to the hospital for a broken arm and has garnered nearly 900,000 views as of Friday night.

The boy, who goes by Brandon, channels a pimp during his drug-induced stupor and regales his family with stories about his trip to the Persian Gulf.

In part one, Brandon, who would be perfectly cast as Farmer Ted in a reboot of the 1980’s comedy “Sixteen Candles,” tells his mother that he and Rocco killed people for getting “all up in his grill.”

“Don’t tell my lawyer we killed people, man,” he says.

His imaginary trip wasn’t entirely violent, he also talks about riding camels with his family and spending lavishly on entertainment.

“I rolled around with my camel…with my hot a** wife and my kids, yo,” he tells his mom. “Dubai was liiiiiiit!”

“Did you buy anything else in Dubai?” the boy’s mother asks.

“Did I buy anything else? I bought like billions of strippers, man!”

Check out the video below…

Brandon coming out of anesthesia

Anesthesia #2

Anesthesia #3

Anesthesia #4

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