Arrest made after police find body of toddler in northeast Wichita

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Wichita police have an arrest in the case of 2-year-old Jhornee Bland. On Monday afternoon, authorities announced they had found the body of a deceased toddler who they believe was the young girl that went missing Sunday morning near 31st Street South and Oliver in Wichita.

Officers first got the call from family members who say the baby sitter did not know where the little girl was located.

“And they started working on it all night and they worked on it today,” says Wichita Police Sgt. Nikki Woodrow. “The child was last seen with a female acquaintance of the family, who’s 25-years-old.”

Around 1:00 p.m. Monday, officers say they found what they believe to be the body of Jhornee.

At 6:30, booking records show 25-year-old Tyerria Marie Miles was arrested in connection with the disappearance of Jhornee.

“Of course, I hugged her, kissed her, all that. Told her I loved her. That was the last time I seen her,” says Andy Bland, Jhornee’s father.

Andy says Jhornee’s mother first called 911 Sunday evening, saying that two-year-old Jhornee M Bland was missing.

The Wichita police homicide unit is still investigating along with the Exploited and Missing Child Unit. Interviews are still ongoing.

Police report that no Amber Alert was issued because the case was not considered an abduction. Officers say they were already interviewing people they believed knew where Jhornee could be found.

According to the Department of Justice, there should be a reasonable belief by law enforcement that the child has been abducted, the child is in imminent danger and there is enough descriptive information about the victim and the abduction that the public could help to find the child or suspect.

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